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International Property Insurance Group (IPI) is the premier provider of international property insurance and international liability insurance for expatriates living abroad. When combined these two lines of insurance form the ultimate international renters insurance package. People living away from home have special needs for global property insurance, international liability insurance, and other international insurance products. You do not need to be a U.S. citizen to apply. Home or Host country insurance plans DO NOT work for expatriates so don't rely on them.

You have international personal effects to insure

IPI is a provider of International Property Insurance and International Liability Insurance not just for expatriates, but for anyone living abroad including retirees. Also, we know you are busy. Our process to secure insurance coverage is extremely easy and same day coverage is available to most. Keep reading or just to go to the "request insurance quote" link above.


On this website, we provide a wealth of information and everything you will ever need to know about international property insurance, and how the proper global liability insurance policy protects your family from lawsuit while you are living overseas. Most of you will not have the time to read through all of the attached pages, so we have provided a SUMMARY OF WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU BELOW.

  • We provide international property insurance for anyone needing to insure over $10,000 of regular property while living abroad. How are you currently protecting your furniture, electronics, jewelry, clothing, i-pod, etc. from fire, theft, vandalism, water, smoke...and other losses.
  • We work with people moving from any country to almost any country in the world with few exceptions.
  • We provide the necessary valuable articles insurance protection for unique or expensive property like jewelry, art, antiques, etc. that have an appraised value. The most common insured valuable articles are wedding bands and rings.
  • We offer international liability insurance from $500,000 to $5,000,000 USD, and it includes local legal defense costs. Expatriate liability insurance is essential because employers do not cover personal claims in this area. Never risk your net worth.
  • We can provide other "hard to find" international coverage upon request such as kidnap and ransom insurance, global medical insurance, international life insurance, and medical evacuation. Simply email us what you are looking for an we will assign an expert.
  • We provide a complete international renters insurance program where personal property can be insured in the residence, while a family member travels globally, and in a storage facility (anywhere in the world).

Need International Property Insurance and International Liability Protection Now? Go Straight to the "Request Insurance Quote" Tab above. No paperwork - No complicated application - Immediate Coverage.

The insurance quote will come without commitment and we don't need any financial information or credit card. Please review the pages here for just about everything you will ever need to know about protecting your property and net worth while living abroad.

Why do I need International Property AND International Liability Insurance?

Global liability insurance is absolutely essential. Protecting your financial future is more important than insuring your personal property while living abroad. Expatriates and foreigners are targets of lawsuits and damage awards inside the host country. We have seen real judgments surpass $1,000,000 USD. Without the proper international liability insurance that includes legal defense costs, one can be financially destroyed. If your employer has sent you to work internationally, they are NOT ABLE to pay your global personal property losses, or pay personal legal judgments against you or your family. Home country "homeowners insurance" policies do not provide coverage to you internationally.

"...As a leading international brokerage serving the Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 in Europe, I will stake my reputation on the fact that this is the best program in the world for people living and working internationally..."expatriate property insurance

IPI is affiliated with McKinley International Risk Management for international insurance including international workers compensation insurance and vacant home insurance. For expatriate vacant home insurance contact us here using the link above.

Is this International Renters Insurance?

YES, Essentially International Renters Insurance is exactly what we are providing here. International renters insurance is simply a combination of international property insurance and international liability insurance. The program coverage is similiar to what you can find in the United States, but it's built for expatriates living around the world outside of their country of citizenship.


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